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The world’s best guacamole recipe [Vegan]

Super Moist Coconut Strawberry Cake

A healthier alternative to an apple crumble: Baked Oatmeal with Apples and Berries

My refusal to put butter, sugar or milk into my breakfasts lead me to go solo in trying out this dish, and what I discovered was that just as with most things, it was a dish perfect without butter, sugar or milk. The fruits were oozing their juices and it was warm, wholesome and naturally sweet. As simple as making oatmeal but way jazzier and more delicious:
Preheat the oven at 200 degrees farenheit
Soften your apples a little by cooking it with water in a pan (or just put them in a microwave). I used about half an apple.
Add berries to your softened apples, and put them at the bottom of your baking bowl
Add oatmeal and twice as much water as your oatmeal, and pour that on top
Bake at 200 degrees for around 20 minutes, taking it out when the top is dry. Bon appetit! 
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Anonymous: Ok so I'm going to become "raw vegan" but I have no idea of any of this vegan thing so can you introduce me to what to stay away from as a vegan and how it all works. Please I know its alot but I trust your blog so it would mean alot.



I don’t know much about raw veganism, I really like the idea, and would eat that way sometimes, but it’s not for me. I go on this recipe site a lot though you should check it out, here's a sort of guide to eating raw and her recipes all look amazing. Here's another site that looks helpful. Here's a long list of some ingredients to watch out for, some are vegetable derived though. You really have to write to companies and ask, but if you're eating raw then you shouldn't have that problem a lot! Good luck, sorry I couldn't help more.

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Avocado Mac n Cheese / recipe

Tortilla Pie with Black Beans & Zucchini (use vegan cheese)
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So this is a thing now, #new Earth Balance #vegan #cheddar squares!! #HolyMoly Now available at #NOOCH Vegan Market. We just moved to 10 E. Ellsworth Ave. #Denver #Colorado (at Nooch | Vegan Market)


Dude, are you for real.
They already have the best white cheddar “cheesey” poofs in the entire fucking world.

Where in the world do you get Earth Balance stuff?
I can’t find them anywhere in upstate NY.
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